About Screaming Peacock Game

Screaming Peacock Game

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Formerly known as The Game Cart, Screaming Peacock Game has been operating for the past 27 years processing and selling game across Scotland.


Through our family deer stalking company we have unique and unrivalled access to Scotland’s finest wild venison, brought down from the Highlands and up from the Lowlands.  Our experienced butchers and newly renovated processing area allows us to offer you a full range of cuts from haunches to mince, and full traceability.

Game Birds

With the number of game birds increasing each year, we recognise the opportunity to constantly innovate and introduce new products.   Alongside classic processing techniques such as plucking and breasting, this year we have launched for sale our famous Screaming Peacock Burgers, Game Sausages and delicious Pheasant and Partridge Pies.  We are completely committed to encouraging people to eat more game and explore new ways to enjoy it!

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